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Shell Case Markings Help

Kevin Tobin

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Could I possibly ask our experts for help with the following shell case markings please.

Thank you for looking.

No 1 - Markings seem to be CF 1915 - CPR 31 - 4.5 10W


IN CENTRE 11/15 LOT 6363 NO1/II

No 2 -- 15 DEC D 1351L 15 D

No 3 --- 15 DEC C G C281L 16 C




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Nos 2 and 3 are not 15 DEC but 75 DE C .... shells for the French quick-firing 75mm gun (75 de campagne).

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The first one is a British 4.5 inch Howitzer. (actually marked 4.5 HOW) made in 1915.

I cannot see a makers name but I suspect it is Canadian. The Lot code of "CPR" is typically Canadian.

The "CF" means filled Full Charge and the primer is a No.1 Mark II. made in November 1911.

The other two are as Mick says, French 75mm field gun.



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Thank you very much.

Two of them were bought on the Somme. But one of the French 75mm was bought at a boot sale today.

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