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Lowland Divisional School - but which one?


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These appear to all be instructors, both officers and SNCOs, of a Lowland Divisional School (probably 1st Lowland, later renumbered as 52nd). But what type of school and where? The sign on the door behind reads "Commanding Officer ------- (i.e. something obscured) Lowland Divisional School. They are all Territorial Force, as is evidenced by the small T most wear below their collar badges and a T can also be seen above the shoulder title of at least one of the SNCOs.

Most of the officers are Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), but there is also a Royal Scots Fusilier, and Highand Light Infantry (in kilt), plus the 'Glasgow Highlanders' Battalion (HLI), whose badge looks similar in outline to the Black Watch.

All of the officers are quite old for their rank of First or Second Lieutenant, and so appear very typical of the amateur miltary tradition that could pluck men from their civilian lives and occupations and send them to war.

The SNCOs are all sergeants and many have instructors qualifications above their stripes for either, bombing, trench mortar, or machine gun. Again, the majority are Cameronians with their tell-tale black buttons, but some are HLI from the same units as the officers.

As well as wearing the black buttons of a rifle regiment, it was a regimental tradition in the Cameronians to wear both braces of the Sam Browne belt, but not all of their officers have chosen to do so here, and this is perhaps a small sartorial 'differential' introduced by one of the battalion commanders to make his officers stand out.


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