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Tactical sign


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The Camera Returns team need to know anything about the badges shown. One on the helmet and the other on the tunic displayed on this CO.

We think it may be Rifle Brigade but maybe a four leaf clover ?


Bob and Steve


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Looks a bit like a Maltese Cross on the chap's back, whatever that signified. ?some sort of medical orderly?

I can see from a book that London / Rifle Battalions used the cross in their cap badges

Sorry not to have been any more help


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that is a pretty well known picture, it is in one of mike chappell's osprey 'battle patches' books. I'll see if I can find it.

I think 1/7 Sherwood forresters

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Bob & Steve

I can find the following battalions that wore a Maltese cross on the back of the s/d jacket

1/7th Sherwood Foresters (Green)

11th Sherwood Foresters (Black)

2nd Wilts (Red)

1/12th London (Black)

The colours obviously won't help but may be useful to someone. Location of your photo should help to eliminate units or confirm as probable.


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Thank you all, we are going for the Sherwood Foresters, see The Camara Returns No 79 in a month or so.

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