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Specially Issued For War Purposes

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Wonder if anyone could help please.

I've been reviewing some of my late grandmothers papers & discovered that typed on the rear of a copy of her birth certificate the following:

"Specially issued for War Purposes -Reduced fee accepted"

She was born in 1913 & the certificate is issued in June 1918. I'm wondering if her father could have possibly seen some form of service. Could it be that the certificate was issued to prove he had a dependent when either entering service or claiming a war pension? He was born in 1882.

Several of his family including three nephews definitely went to the Western Front & I've been successful in tracing their service records. There are no surviving service or pension records for him.

I'd be grateful for any help shedding some light on this means on the birth certificate.


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It probably was issued for a purpose similar to what you describe, today in Ireland you can purchase a birth/death cert at a reduced fee for use only when applying for social welfare etc and the cert is marked as such.john

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Thanks for the reply John - much appreciated. That helps understand a little more as to possibly why it was issued. Any further suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.

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