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George Lister Yeoman - Signaller


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George Lister was on the ill fated HMS Chester (jack Cornwallis fame) and is remembered on the HMS Chester memorial in Chester Cathedral. he was a pupil at King edwards in Retford. Is there an equivalent rank to Yeoman Signaller in the other armed force if so what would it be ? I actually come from Chester but now live in Retford so any other information would prove useful. What was the fate of the Chester after being damaged so badly at Jutland

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I believe HMS Chester was ultimately scrapped in 1921, but I'm unsure of what happened between Jutland and then.


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In early 1914, Greede placed an order for two light cruisers of a design based upon the Chatham and Birmingham classes but with 5.5 inch guns instead of the 6 inchers used in British ships. Work began at Cammell Laird on both ships in 1914 (Antinavarhos Kontouriotis on March 27, 1914, Lambros Katsonis on Octover 7, 1914). The ships were taken over by the Royal Navy early in 1915. The Antinavarhos Kontouriotis becoming HMS Birkenhead (launched January 18, 1915, completed May 1915) while Lambros Katsonis became HMS Chester (launched December 8, 1915, completed May 1916).

HMS Chester had been in service for only three weeks before Jutland. After repairs, she returned to service with the 3rd Light Cruiser Squadron, Grand Fleet. She went into reserve in 1919 and was paid off in May 1920 and sold for breaking up in November 1921. A hoped for resale to Greece could not be worked out.

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