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please help to identify WW1 shell case

gary alan

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Hello i am new to this forum.I would like help in identifying a shell case with the following markings POLTE MAGDEBURG AUG 1918 SP406 536 KARTH. The case measures 129mm at its largest diameter.The thin case measures 115mm down to 105mm at its open end. the height is 505mm. thanks Gary

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Polte was a German manufacturer with their factory located in Magdeburg, with the shell obviously being made in August 1918. Sorry I can't help with the rest ...

Cheers, S>S

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Hello, Gary - It's what collectors term a German 105x505 shell case for the 10cm long-range cannon used extensively by the Germans. [For some reason, this was the only type of German shell case that I am aware of that had "Karth." included in the headstamp markings.] Since it made a nice umbrella stand, this type of shell case was a popular souvenir and is relatively common today. Regards, Torrey

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I have found this an interesting thread as I have a shell case of the same dimensions that my Great grandfather brought back from the war, I remember it being in my grandparents home being used to hold their walking sticks before it passed to me.

The markings on the base are:




MARZ 1914




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