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Tank Corps Funk Jackets


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Good morning... This may well have been covered previously, but does anyone know whether officers in the Tank Corps wore O/R's Jackets during battle?

Many thanks.


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I have seen no photos of them wearing 'Funk' or 'Wind-up' jackets, but I would be surpised if they did not. Inside the tank a set of brown overalls would probably be the choice of outer wear with an ORs or Officers jacket underneath, or maybe stored safely inside the tank as the temperature for much moire than the one layer would make things very uncomfortable. Photos exist of officers in overalls as they do in shoulder rank and cuff rank jackets, but to date I cannot recall a Tankie wearing a 'Funk' in a photograph. May I ask why you are asking?

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Hello, thanks for the info. Much appreciated... I have a bit of a growing interest in WW1 and uniform usage. I've seen photo's of Infantry officers wearing O/R's jackets, but as you say, no Tankies as yet.

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