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Remembered Today:

Lieutenant George Deas Ferard, 2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment


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Strangely, this Officer's death does not seem to be recorded in the Battalion diary.

According to SDGW and CWGC, he died on 21st February 1918 (SDGW says KIA). His MIC says KIA 14.2.18

I've downloaded the Battalion Diary and he has several mentions early in 1918:

6th January, granted 14 days leave to the UK

10th January: to be Lieutenant

20th January: rejoined from leave in the UK

then nothing

The entry for 20th February reads:

"Bellevue was subjected to considerable gas shelling during day and the Battalion had eight casualties from gas."

And for the 21st merely:

"Same disposition"

Even the 14th just says:

"Still in same position in line"

There are lots of coming and goings of Officers going on leave, coming back from leave, being promoted, going on courses, etc but absolutety no mention of any deaths.

Given he has no grave and is listed on the Tyne Cot Memorial, I would appreciate any thoughts please.


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There should be an answer in his service file,there is only 1 FERARD (unsurprisingly)with single initial G but then this often happened with files later in the war. Ref WO339/65344.Nothing in WO374,no hits there at all.


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Thanks Sotonmate - looks like a trip to TNA next year

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Probate records show died 21.2.18 killed in action. I presume you know he was born 27.6.1896 in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Regards Barry

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Thanks Barry. I've got that plus 1911 census at Winchester School, plus his London Gazette entries.

Also 7/KRRC War Diary in April 1917 when he got wounded, it's his death that's a blank

He's listed on the Memorial inside Winkfield Church, near Bracknell, Berkshire


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