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help with uniform


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Can anyone help with the uniform, my grandfather was in the ASC MT (The Army Service Corps - Mechanical Transport) in 1918, having previously served with RNAS Armoured Cars in Russia 1915 - 1917 as a Petty Officer Mechanic as a motorcyclist so could be either.

kindest regards



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Uniform is of an Officer, a Second Lieutenant (from his "cuff rank", one pip and one horizontal row of braid). He has two blue overseas service chevrons visible over the braid on his right cuff (these were only introduced in 1918, and show at the time of the picture he had accumulated over 1 and less than 2 years service overseas. There was a red one for those who first served overseas in 1914, but this isn't the case here). From what is visible of his cap and collar badges ASC does look likely.

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