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Northumberland Fusiliers -10 Battalion - William John Tearse


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I would be most interested in any information concerning William John Tearse of Blyth, Northumberland. Northumberland Fusiliers, reg no 13910, we think 10th Battalion, 68th Brigade, 23rd Division, any help would be appreciated, thank you

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Thank you for the information

We have him Sep 14th formed 1914, sent to Bullswater

Dec 14th moved to Aldershot

Feb 1915 sent to Ashord, Kent

May 1915 sent ot Bramshott

Aug 1915 landed in France

Nov 4th 1917 located in Porcia, Italy

Is there any way of finding out the movements or the battles he was in? and what is class Z? thanks

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Class Z was a "holding" section of the army reserve. On demobilisation, men were placed in Class Z to make it easier to remobilise if the final peace negotiations broke down (remember that 11 November 1918 was only an armistice, a cessation of active hostilities, not a lasting peace settlement - the same situation strictly speaking as has persisted between the two Koreas since the 1950s). Once the Treaty of Versailles was signed, Class Z was abolished and the men finally freed from all military obligations

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Apart from what's a;ready been mentioned 13910 Pte William John Tearse, enlisted in early September 1914 and did infact serve with the 10th Bn.

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