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Private Albert Asquith 26683


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Hi All,

I've just been doing a MIC serch on the NA website looking for family members. While searching for Albert Asquith I came up with six posibles two of which both numbered 26683 one with the Manchester Regiment Depot Regiment and the other with the Liverpool Regiment.

I know numbers were given by each regiment so its not uncommon to get something like Pvt Blogs 101 A Rgt & Pvt Doe 101 B Rgt but in this case is it:

- The same person transfered & keeping there number with two MIC's

- Amazing coincidence

- Admin error

- something else

All ideas welcome, the link to my search is below



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Hi there,

He has two cards on Ancestry. One is an MIC showing entitlement to VCictory and BWM with the KLR. The other is an SWB card which states Manchester Regiment Depot,

On ths SWB roll, he appears as KLR Depot, His date of enlistment is given as 25/5/1915 and his date of discharge as 25/3/1918, aged 25 years and 10 months.

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Thanks for that IPT,

I know you can look at a MIC & see multiple units & numbers I've just never come across someone having or keeping the same number.

Thanks for the nuget on the age aswell, lets me know it's not who I'm looking for.


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