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Trooper or Private?

stephen binks

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I am assuming this topic has been covered before, but I have had no luck in finding it!

What was the correct title of other ranks in the Hussars during the Great War? and did this apply to Lancers and dragoons?

My confusion stems from headstones engraved with both titles



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Yes it's been covered before - quite recently as well : http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=187787&hl=trooper

Basically I think Troopers were just Household Cavalry, but some others used the term nevertheless.

My great uncle was in the 1st Royal Dragoons but his medal card and medals all call him a Private.

Regards, BillyH.

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The majority of headstones show the titles adopted after the war such as Guardsman, Fusilier, Rifleman, etc. and Trooper for cavalry - the rank is Private.

BillyH is correct in that up to this time only Troopers of the Household Cavalry were "offically" titled as such.

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