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Remembered Today:

Snuff Box

Brummie Fusilier

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Hello B.F

A bit hard to tell, but do you think it is a "tank snuff box" or an irregular shaped snuff box later made to look like a tank?

Any manufacturers or jewellers marks?


Sorry, just noticed the image with manufacturers markings

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It is a proper manufactured item the likes of which I have n ever seen before. The mark on the picture states what I assume is the manufacturer as T & W or TAW, with a patent no. I am more interested to know if anyone has seen one before? It is made to be a tank this is not something that has been added later as far as I can tell.

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Hi Brummie,

Very nice - not seen one before, in 15 years collecting trench art (even though this is not trench art, it would have caught my eye as you would think it was trench art until you turned it over!). Certainly made as a tank, to fulfil the public demand for things related to this new 'wonder weapon' that was going to win the war for us, so probably 1918-ish.

As I said, very nice and may well have bought it myself if I had come across one, just for the whole social context and the fact it looks very nicely made.


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