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Remembered Today:

2/Lt Kenneth Henry Grant, attd 8th Seaforth


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KIA 26th August 1916

Does anyone have a copy of the War Diary or Regimental History for the 8th Seaforth Highlanders to save me going to Kew please?

I'm looking for info on what the battalion was dong on that day.


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From 15 div history it notes that 2LT K.H. Grant was Killed on the 27th August 1916.

I cannot find particular mention of anything on the 26/27 but this gives a flavour and location of the units.

On the 8th August 15 Div took over the left sector of III corps 4th Army. Div HQ was located just west of Albert Chateau and the div ocupied the line with 45 BDE on the left and 46 BDE on the Right. 44 BDE of which the 8th Seaforth was a part was initially in reserve. Bde units generally ocupied the front for 10 days with 5 days in reserve. working through the sparse information given for the 8th Seaforth I recon they were probably part of the Div reserve on that date.

They were certainly in the front line at least once because on the17th August they were involved in helping to capture and consolidate a section of the German front line.

The period seems to have been marked by a lot of work consolidating and repairing the trenches as well as taking part in vigorous patroling and raiding capturing prisoners etc etc.

The area of operations was: right section from the Bazentin le Petit - Martinpuich road to Gloucester Alley.

Left Section from Gloucester Alley to Munster Alley.

Maps for 57c SW and 57D SE cover this area Mcmasters have some (link on LLT site)

Hope of some use


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Thanks James, gives me a good idea of what was happening.


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