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Sidmouth Drill Hall proposed demolition - final date for comments


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I have been tweeting about this for a while, but here's a final request.

Sidmouth Drill Hall was built in 1894/5 on land donated by George Radford. In its time it has been a venue for performances and community events, like many drill halls. It is apparently the last historic building on the sea front at Sidmouth and local people believe it has potential for renovation for shared community use.

East Devon District Council proposes to demolish it and built flats on the site. Originally it was destined to be a car park. This is against the wishes of local people.

I have received an urgent email saying that today is the last date for objections and requesting even simple, very brief emails to the Planning body asking for the plans to be halted and proposed demolition be subject to proper process. Planning page - you have to register and log in (sorry).

This is the campaigners' brief summary. They want:

  • a hold on any plans for demolition is made for a minimum period of 6 months.
  • to be allowed access to the building so that an independent surveyor can carry out a full inspection, something they [council] continue to refuse.
  • that they [council] provide evidence of ownership of the site on which the building was built. We understand the site was given to the people of Sidmouth by its original owner and they therefore have no right to touch it without the permission of the people of Sidmouth.
  • that the future of the building is put to the community, and not decided by EDDC council officers that do not live in Sidmouth, care nothing for the future of the businesses nearby, but know the value of that site to themselves and developers.

Extracted from their email to me; clarification in square brackets mine.


Save Sidmouth Drill Hall site (including some input from us)

Save our Sidmouth


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I'm coming down to Siddo on Friday for a short break, so will ensure I visit it.

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Thanks, John, you're a star. :)

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I don't know whether any readers of this thread or Twitter responded, but it's great to see that the number of objections has nearly doubled. Thanks if you were one of the writers.


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