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Identifying unit, help please.

Guest medix08

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Hello, first post here, made by a non-native, so please forgive any mistakes/blunders on my side.

I would like to ask for a help - namely in identifying German division my Grandfather was serving in. You can find some pictures under the sendspace link (250KB limit is too small for them), containing his unit's supposed address and date/geographical location his unit was stationed at.


1 and 11.jpg are pieces of postcards, unfortunately someone clipped them with scissors at one time - and that's everything what's left of them. From what I had already found out, he was serving in an auxiliary unit of some sort, I think one part of the address is "2 Sanitatskompanie". The problem is, I don't know in which division - with the clue to it being probably present in the second picture:

111. jpg - the guy marked with a cross is my Grandfather :-) The back of the photo mentions a place and date that the picture was taken at (or when the picture was sent to the recipient):

Courland, 14 Feb 1917

From interviews with family members - it seems that he was never at the Western Front. There were some vague remarks at his service including Balkans (or Moldova) - but nothing 100% certain. One sure thing, he was serving in German lazarett.

Can the "36" visible in one of the pictures indicate the 36th Reserve Division? My guess is not, as it got transferred to Western Front in May 1917th. The place of origin would fit, though, as my Grandfather was from Pomerania/East Prussia.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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11.jpg says that he was a Landwehr Unteroffizier, 2nd Medical Company, 36th Infantry Division (not 36th Reserve Division). The place on the stamp says "Bromberg", which is the German name of the Polish city of Bydgoszcz.

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