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2nd KORLR, 1st Essex & 2nd Coldstream Guards - diary extracts plea

anthony osborne

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Morning all,

I am hoping that some kind soles out there have easy access to the following war diaries please:

2nd Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment - April - May 1915 - researching Private 10034 Joseph Henry Robins - KIA 08/05/15

1st Essex Regiment - Sept - Oct 1916 - researching Private 43663 Albert Tipler (formerly 22849 Northants) - KIA 12/10/16

2nd Coldstream Guards - May - June 1916 - researching Private 15047 Alfred Reader KIA 20/06/16

Service records for the above are missing so any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks all,


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Hello Ant, I have a small amount of info regarding the actions of the 1st Essex Regiment on the 12/10/1916. If it would be of any help, pm me with your email address and I`ll send it back to you. Good luck with your research. joe.

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2KORL War Diary 8 May 1915


4th. The Bn. were resting in the huts. The following reinforcements arrived on the 3rd May. Other Ranks 240.

7 p.m. Orders were received to march out to the trenches and relieve the 5th Bn. The King’s Own Regt.

8.30 p.m. The Bn. marched out and took over trenches in front of FREZENBERG. The trenches were new trenches and had not been completed. “A” ad “D” Coys. were in the first line. “B” and “C” Coys. in support. “B” Coy. acting as support to the 3rd Monmouths.

5th -7th. Bn. in the trenches. Enemy shelled trenches intermittently.

8th. 7 a.m. Enemy shelled trenches blowing them in, and rendering them untenable. The enemy advanced and captured the front line trenches, they then advanced against the support dugouts. The O.C. 3rd Monmouths called for one company to support the line and “B” Coy. under Captain Forwood at once moved across the road and occupied some old trenches east of the burial ground in the rear of the Monmouth’s trenches.

10 a.m. Enemy commenced attack in the support dugouts but were held in check when 200 yards from them. The enemy were observed moving in a westerly direction on both flanks of the position. Major Clough assumed command on the death of Colonel Martin.

11.35 a.m. Message received to retire on POTIJZE. “B” Coy. was ordered to retire first followed by the 3 platoons of “C” Coy. on the North of the YPRES - ZONNEBEKE Road. The following officers were present during the engagement.

Lt. Col. A. R. S. Martin, killed

Major H. K. Clough

Captain C. W. Grover, wounded and prisoner

Captain T. B. Forwood, killed

Lieut. H. C. E. Jebb, wounded

2/Lt. G. P. M. Scudamore, missing

2/Lt. Mesney, wounded

Lt. Seddon, wounded and prisoner

2/Lt. Muchall, killed

2/Lt. Horne, hurt by fall

2/Lt. Brown, wounded

2/Lt. Somerville, wounded

2/Lt. Windeler, missing

2/Lt. Taylor, prisoner

Lt. Rawlinson, believed killed

Captain G. E. Weatherhead, killed

After the retirement regiments got mixed up. Some of the Bn. retired through the POTIJZE line and some remained in the trenches till the 9th May.

Casualties of the Brigade. Officers 128, Other Ranks 4379.

9th. The remainder of the Battalion were withdrawn from the front line and sent back to the huts. The total casualties during this last tour in the trenches from 4th May till 9th May were:-

Officers: Killed 4, Wounded 5, Wounded and Prisoners 2, Wounded and Missing 1, Missing 4.

Other Ranks: Killed 36, Wounded 110, Wounded and Missing 31, Missing 721.



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you are a mine of useful information - once again thanks.

I now know how Joseph Robins (photo attached) met his end.

All the best,



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you're a star - I hope at some point I become as useful on the forum - I feel sadly inadequate some times!!

Thank you for your time and effort (again!) - very much appreciated.



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