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Eastern Front Photos

Jonathan D'Hooghe

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I believe so! I worked out the 'next photo' button

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Were is the button please? Other than mybe that, I see three different photos scrolling down and when clicking on them other pictures not WW1 related show up, and for the rest- I do not understand Polish language at all.

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It is the button immediately to the right bottom corner of the main photo displayed. It is a small image of the next photo. The similar button to the bottom left takes you back to the previous photo. Hope that makes sense!

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One of them mentions Glorice 1915. They could be from the 1915 Glorice tarnow offensive. The german uniforms are early war. There is what looks like a oil well in one photo and there were oil wells in this region. I hope this is of some help.

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Germany military in Kaunas (Lithuania), WWI:

1.Wilhelm II, German Emperor in The Town Hall of Kaunas.


2. Germany military in Kaunas.


3, Germany military in Kaunas railway station, 1915.


4. Robert Wolter (1871-1938), military's doctors in Kaunas (Lithuania), 1915.


5. Paul von Hindenburg in Kaunas, Lithuania, 1916.


I think it will be interesting... :)

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