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Women in the New Soviets - Barmy Dictates #1


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In the immediate post revolutionary era some of the new Soviets lacked a certain sophistication in their interpretation of the Marxist dialectic.

Just stumbled across the following from Peter Hopkirks "Setting the East Ablaze".

"North of the Caspian, at Suizran, a proclamation had been issued ordering the nationalization of women. All the best and most beautiful women, it declared, had hitherto belonged to the bourgeoisie, while the peasants and workers had had to put up with second best. This was unfair, and from now on all women were to become public property. This was too much for Lenin and the Bolsheviks...and the order was withdrawn and possession of even a copy was forbidden."

Went down well in my household of one man under siege from four daughters and a wife; however did see a glint in the old dog's eye.

Any similar contributions of the World War's less than egalitarian embrace of womanhood ?


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I 'm tempted towards a raising of the snout above the sty analogy - ooh and there it is.

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