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Mentioned in Despatches from the LG for Russia Area


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Here is a list from the London Gazette of MID for the Russia Area 1918-1920

Russia LG (No 30929) 07.10.1918.

N.Russia LG (No 31127) 16.01.1919.

N.Russia LG (No 31318) 30.04.1919.

S.Russia LG (No 31127) 16.01.1919.

S.Russia LG (No 31764) 03.02. 1920.

E.Russia LG (No 31318) 30.04.1919.

Archangel LG (No 31388) 05.06.1919.

Archangel LG (No 31728) 12.01.1920.

Archangel LG (No 31764) 03.02. 1920.

Murmansk LG (No 31728) 12.01.1920.

Murmansk LG (No 31764) 03.04.1920.

Siberia LG (No 31732) 14.01.1920.

Finland & Baltic States LG (No 31764) 03.02.1920.

Roumania LG (No 31127) 16.01.1919.

Hope this helps with your research.

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