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Remembered Today:

Sam Harvey V.C.


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I found this photo of Sam Harvey at a post war Buck House garden party and thought it may be of interest.

"On 29 September 1915 in the "Big Willie" Trench near the Hohenzollern Redoubt, France, during a heavy bombing attack, more bombs were urgently required and private Harvey volunteered to fetch them. The communication trench was blocked with wounded and reinforcements and he went backwards and forwards across open ground under intense fire and succeeded in bringing up 30 boxes before he was wounded in the head. It was largely owing to his cool bravery in supplying the bombs that the enemy was eventually driven back."



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Thats a great picture!

Have you been to www.victoriacross.org.uk?

Theres somefascinating snippets on there. Theres this great picture on there from the VC Reunion Dinner in 1929:


(Apologies but I have posted the link before!)

The seating plan is fascinating too- look at Table 3 as an example- 24VCs, including Capt George Kerr VC MC MM who won his award at Bourlon Wood in 1918, two Gallipoli VCs, and Surgeon Major Reynolds from Rorkes Drift!!



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