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Rosemary Clarke

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I really should know this and the question has probably been raised before but are there medal rolls/indexes, or an equivalent, for naval personnel?

Thank you.


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Guest Ian Bowbrick


The service records for Naval personnel are available on microfilm at the PRO. There are microfiche records for members of the RND, also at the PRO. But no MICs equivalent to the ones for the army now on-line that I have seen.

Ian :)

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Ian is correct. There are no cards but there are alphabetical lists on microfilm showing medal entitlement. They are more or less alphabetical but you need to check a few pages backwards and forwards if you don't find them on your first attempt. They are also hand written and the bottoms of some of the pages are unreadable.

Because the service records are numerical on the microfilm, the list is proably the only way of finding a matelot if you don't know his service number.


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Thanks very much for the responses, Ian and Mick.

Happily, I do have a service number, so that should make life a little easier.


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Guest stevenbec


I did raise this a few months back in relation to a number of AIF soldiers who gained commisions in the Royal Navy during the war.

I bloke in the UK was looking up a number of men for me and he is still to get back to me.

He purhaps may be able to help you.

I can not recall his name off hand but it will be in that posting if you find it.



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