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Converting Trench Map Positions to Google Maps


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The NLS site also has the option to use the map as a zoomable overlay on the modern map. Just change the opacity on the slider on this link.

There is also a choice of maps.



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62D P9 b93 puts the spot in the town of le Hamel and you can scale trench maps to the streets on Google Earth. I did this by overlaying a map fragment onto a screen grab of Google Earth. That sometimes gives a better georeference than one based on a few points across the whole map as it is adjusted very locally to the streets.





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I've only just come across this forum and think it will solve an issue I've been having for years! My Great Uncle, James Fox Fothergill of Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) was (according to the regimental diary) killed in front of Champigny Farm and is now buried at Royal Irish Graveyard in Laventie but his consolidation record shows him as originally buried at 


36 M25 A 3 2


Unfortunately Sheet 36  M25 doesn't see to have an A or even a C box only B and D! Can anyone help me to locate his original grave please!


Thanks, David (Fothergill)

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I have linesman for Apple mac, and it is a little disapointing to be honest. The app has not all the features that the Windows version has. The manuel is written for Windows and it is not easy to install and get started. The linesman salesman has helped (very decently). The maps are very Nice.

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