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Has anyone else noticed the extremely annoying act by dealers on Ebay of splitting groups of UK WW1 medals up to sell off the individual medals separately? Ahh!!! This is sacrilege!!! As the dealers in question also seem to sell Bennie Babies, china ornaments and any amount of crap I guess they’re house clearance people who don’t know any better.

Sorry, just had to get that rant off my chest!


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Hello Duncan

It's a regular bone of contention amongst forum members (and others I suspect) but pressure (or rather entreaties) by forum members to the seller not to split medals and to re-unite them in one sale has been successful in the past. Best thing to do if you are upset by it is to mail the seller and inform him/her of the error of his/her ways.


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Guest Ian Bowbrick


Before you have a stroke, remember that education is the best way to deal with situations like this. The people concerned may have no idea of what they are dealer with. However there is an unpleasent practice of preying on people like your goodself by splitting groups up so that someone will bid on all three or whatever and place crazy money just to keep the set together as one.

At the end of the day though these items are the property of the seller to dispose of as they see fit and they are breaking no rules by selling them as singles. It is just a great shame.


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