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Remembered Today:

Surgeon Captain R.H.J. BROWNE RN


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Surg Capt R.H.J. Browne RN

Surgeon Captain Robley Henry John BROWNE, OBE RN.

Quite a while back I obtained an excellent signed post war studio photo of Surg Capt Browne, wearing his ribbons.

His medal lineup is -

OBE (Mil); China 1900 (Taku Forts & Rel of Pekin), HMS Alacrity & I do know his China was one of those presented by EVIIR; 1914-15 star trio (Fleet Surg);

& EVIIR Coronation.

I wonder if anyone who has acces to Naval Lists might give me some of his War Service?

Also I wonder if anyone out there has or has seen his medals on a list or wherever?

Thanks in advance,



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‘The Naval Who’s Who 1917’ gives pretty much what you have already

“Browne, R.H.J., Surgeon of ‘Alacrity’ during the operations in North China, 1900; present at the storming of Taku Forts, mentioned in despatches (China Medal, Taku Clasp); present at the relief of the Tientsin Settlement, and the relief of Sir E. Seymour’s column at Hsiku (Relief of Pekin Clasp); promoted to Staff-Surgeon for these services.”

For some reason he is not included in the 'War Supplement' ie up to 5th Dec 1916


Michael D.R.

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Thanks Michael,

I knew this as I have a copy, & I have some of his service history from Naval Lists.

What I probably need to do is get his SR from the PRO.

I was hoping someone might have, or know of the whereabouts of his medals.


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