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Fighting at Bweho Chini & on the road to Mahiwa, GEA

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Should any Member be interested in the battles of the Nigerians in German East Africa then click on this link and first flip through to page 324:


This describes the battle of Bweho Chini which you may wish to compare with this article which details the awards:


The Blackwood's Magazine article is a product of its times and reflects a colonial perspective, but some of the comments on the Nigerian soldiers are illuminating. We were lucky to be able to recruit and operationally deploy these fine fighting men.

Further into the Blackwood's articles you will find on page 779 excellent descriptions of a column on the march in the German East African bush, the problems it faced, and the effective use of scouts commanded by the best and toughest scout of them all, Philip Jacobus Pretorious - he was awarded two DSOs and a CMG.

This article is continued with an account of the blocking of the road east of Mahiwa and the fierce fighting that ensued.

The blocking force consisted of: the 1st Nigeria Regiment, the Gambia infantry company and two of the 2.95-inch mountain guns of the Nigerian battery.

If you wish to gain more information then With The Nigerians In German East Africa by Captain W.D. Downes MC can be freely downloaded here:



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Please see story of Miller-Stirling family, especially Harry JGS Miller-Stirling of 1st Nigeria Regiment -


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