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Unit Identification from a GEW 98 Rifle disc.


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I wondered if someone could help to identify which unit my husbands 1915 Mauser GEW 98 was issued to?

The writing on the disc is, B.1.P.4.208. I have tried to find out myself but I am not sure if I am correct. I think it is something like, 1st Pioneer Battalion, Company 4. 208 being the rifle number. The writing is lined out as the rifle was reissued during WW2.

Any help and information would be appreciated.


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The markings on the disc indicate the Bayern. 1st Pionier-Bataillon, 4th Kompanie, Waffe Nr. 208 - so a Bavarian Pioneer unit.

Cheers, S>S

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Thank you. That is what I thought but wasn't sure. I had seen the list and the nearest to it was B.I.P.4.162 but there was no writing next to it so I took it from the one above.

Any ideas how I find out more about where the unit may have served? There is so much information I am getting square eyes spending too much time on the internet.

Again, thanks.

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