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Infantry basic training syllabus 1916-1917


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I am interested in finding out the composition of the basic and infantry training syllabus as it would have been experienced by Derby Scheme men or conscripts joining the army in mid-1916. And any differences that resulted from the Somme experience, for men in training up to say Easter 1917. I've scratched around the forum as I am sure we must have covered this somewhere, but without success. All info welcomed.

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Tucked away with the Diary of the Headquarters, Canadian - Bramshott , which can be found here , there is a memorandum with appendixes on the syllabus of training then in effect.

The purpose of this memo was to describe the new system of training by "classes" which the Canadians had just introduced at the beginning of January, 1917. I believe the rest of the (British) army had been using this system for some months. The 14 week programme had changed since 1914, but I have not yet found earlier documents. One assumes the time allocated for anti-gas, bombing, and lewis gun use was not so allocated in 1914. I seem to recall posters on threads a long time ago having referred to some official documents whose names escape me now.

Here is one page to prove I am not bluffing:


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I think that I have information on training the trainers too. This covers off what should be delivered basic training. Will check when I get back from this trip.


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