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Conflicting Service Records. Are they the same person ?


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This service record for WW1 & the postcard home are from my grandfather William H. (Henry) Welsby. I never met him as he died in 1924, 30 years before I was born. No photos have survived of him& there is nobody left alive who can describe him.

However, I have now found more records for the year 1896 for a William H. Welsby with a different address, only a stones throw from the address on the postcard. I am trying to establish if the person whose details are given in the following post could also be my grandfather. I believe it is possible that it is, as my mum's family were all either red, sandy or auburn haired.

I would appreciate an opinion.

Thank you

Researcher 11



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These are the records I have now found. My main question is: what are these records, they have a different service number than the records above, could they be the same person & if so, will there be more information somewhere ?




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Have you tried the Burgess Rolls in the local library, it should show who was eligible to vote at those addresses.


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Sorry am just after reading the papers again and see it is 1896.It could well be the same person.

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Thanks for this info, I will check at our library. From other info I've been also given, I am now convinced it is the same person, my grandfather!

Thank you so much


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