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Recommended books covering the "100 days"?

steve fuller

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Both Charles and Pete's books are excellent recommendations. This, however, from the man who was Fourth Army's MGGS 1916 - 1919 is an essential starting point. Fourth Army was a central component in Haig's 'Hundred Days' victories, and while it's nice to have the original 1920 print edition with its case of maps, it can be read here for free:

The Story of the Fourth Army in the Battles of the Hundred Days August 8th to November 11th 1918


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Thanks gents, appreciate the replies :thumbsup:

2 of the 3 bought / downloaded already!

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'1918 A Very British Victory' by Peter Hart is also good

I concur - an excellent read.


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There is also 'To Win A War -1918 The Year of Victory ' by John Terraine from Cassell, quite cheap on Amazon if I remember rightly. I had to write a comparative degree-level essay on the BEF 1918 to 1939/40 and Messenger, Hart and Terraine (among others) helped immensely. (I also used Tim Travers' 'How the War was Won' - Pen & Sword publication, not sure if fits best what you are after though)

All the best


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