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I have picked up a Mercantile Marine Medal named to James Hosking and am having trouble finding his service record through the online National Archives, as it seems to be one area that has yet to be placed online........

Able Seaman James Hosking died on 8 December 1939, aged 58 years, when the steamer S.S. Corea of Goole, struck a mine and sank off Cromer, Norfolk.

Hosking was one of eight members of the crew killed; a further seven were rescued by the Cromer lifeboat. Hosking’s name is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial.

He would have been 37 years old at the end of WW1and it looks like he stayed afloat all that time until the outbreak of WW2.

Any leads would be most gratefully received.

Thank You


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Using the National Archives, Documents Online, BT 351/1 WW1 Merchant Seaman Medal Cards with a search date from 1880 - 1882 brings up two cards.

James Hosking, born Devonport 1881 [which would make him 58 in 1939].

William James Hosking, born Sydney 1880.

These are downloadable for £3-50p each.


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Thanks David and Simon for the quick response, I think I did the wrong search dates and so shall try again. Have a great New Year, all the best for 2012.


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