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HMT Royal Edward


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Hope everyone had a great Xmas and all the best for 2012!!!

I have picked up a memorial plaque named to Reginald James Kennard who died on active service on 13 August 1915, while serving as a Private in the 2nd Battalion, Hampshire Regiment.

On that date, 250 men of the regiment lost their lives when Her Majesty's Transport Royal Edward was torpedoed and sunk off Kandeloussa, en route to Gallipoli by U Boat 14 - she went down by the stern within six minutes.

Reginald Kennard was 21 years of age and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.

The 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment were also fighting on land at Gallipoli, so how am I able to clarify whether or not he was onboard the Royal Edward when it was torpoedoed and not killed in action on land?

Does anyone have access to the Royal Edward passenger list, or any 2nd Hampshire Regiment enthusiast have the War Diary for that day to see if they were actually engaged in action on land?

Any help would be very much appreciated


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"Soldiers Died" records Reginald James Kennard as "Died" and "At Sea" which makes the likelihood that he died aboard the Royal Edward very high indeed.

The only alternative would be that he was wounded on land and died on a hospital ship before being buried at sea on the same day that the Royal Edward was lost. Possible, but unlikely.


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Says died on Gallipoli and buried at sea here:


Although I tend to agree with Stebie....his SDGW entry seems to indicate he died 'At Sea'.

Another Forum member (Steve Morse) appears to have a casualty list. Try here:


And there also appears to be a full list published in The Times on 6 September 1915 if anyone has access.

There is some suggestion in another thread that those who died were awarded the BWM only. This appears to be the case with Kennard (reflected on his MIC).


Tim D

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Here is the Times list:


Reg Kennard is included on the list so I think we can take it as proof!


EDIT: Tag for future searches - Royal Edward Casualty List

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Many thanks to both you Steve and Tim for your fantastic response!!!!

Have a great New Year


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Kennard's name appears on panel 226 at the Helles Memorial as one of the Hampshire Regiment lost on H. T. Royal Edward

edit to add:

I have some photographs of these panels, but to be honest, they were taken for the record and not for reproduction or as a particular person's 'memorial'. Unfortunately Kennard's name appears (incomplete) on the borders of two of my shots.

The next panel to the right (227) is the dedication of this section and it reads

"To the Glory of God

and in reverend memory of these

eight hundred and sixty one

officers and men of the forces

of the United Kingdom drowned in

the Royal Edward transport

which was torpedoed on the

13th August 1915

all of whom have

no other grave than the sea.

'He discovereth deep things out

of darkness and bringeth out to

light the shadow of death'”

Edited by michaeldr
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And there also appears to be a full list published in The Times on 6 September 1915 if anyone has access.

I realise "full" was probably used in relation to soldiers but, just to clarify, additional lists for the Royal Edward were published in The Times as follows:

19 Aug 1915

Names of some survivors (officers and men of the crew) brought to Alexandria.

20 Aug 1915

Additional names of survivors (officers and men of the crew).

Small list of Officers (Army) saved and missing.

28 Aug 1915

Small additional list of survivors from officers and crew.

6 Sep 1915

Main casualty list (army).

7 Sep 1915

Small list of army officers missing, believed drowned.

11 Oct 1915

Small list of naval casualties.



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