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James Morrison Royal Field Artillery


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I am looking for information on a distant relation who served in the Royal Field Artillary, i dont have much information other than the registry entry for his marriage, which in itself is a bit of a funny one.

He is James Morrison a Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillary. the number i cant realy make out though it ends in 429. his address is Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen and his father is also

the register states that it is a marriage by declaration in the presence of Joseph Park, Quartermaster Sergeant 2nd Battery 1st Highland Reserve RFA …?? Residing at 115 Rosebank Place, Aberdeen and James Ogilvie Skene, Battery Quartermaster Sergeant 1st Battalion Highland Reserve Brigade RFA residing at …………. Road both Aberdeen.

can anybody shed and more information on James

many thanks


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I should have said, the marriage was on the 18th January 1915, at 2 Union Terrace, Aberdeen.

The number i cant make out, though i will attach in case anyone can.


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Is that 'T.F.' in brackets before the 429? If so he was a territorial, with an early number - the sequence probably began in 1908 when the Territorial Force replaced the old Volunteer system. I cannot see a medal index card for him, but others might do better.


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I agree with it being TF and the number 429 (or possibly 427).

Also the fact there are entries for men of Highland "Reserve" Brigade RFA, point to a 2nd line unit formed after the war started. James could well have joined the main unit before the war and was transferred to the 2nd line later (especially as he is a Sergeant). When renumbered in 1917 (if still serving) he should have fallen somewhere into this group.

630001-635000 255 BDE, RFA TF/ 1/1 HIGHLAND BDE

630001-635000 320 BDE, RFA TF/BDE, 2/HIGHLAND

635001-640000 256 BDE, RFA TF/ 1/ 2 HIGHLAND BDE

635001-640000 321 BDE, RFA TF/ 2/HIGHLAND

640001-645000 258 BDE, RFA TF/ 1/2 HIGHLAND BDE

640001-645000 322 BDE, RFA TF/ 2/HIGHLAND

645001-650000 51 DAC/ HIGHLAND

645001-650000 64 DAC/ 2/HIGHLAND

However, January 1915 was still early in the war and he could actually have been posted anywhere before renumbering or simply discharged as Time Expired or sick/wounded. It would be ideal if you could find his war medals or a Silver War Badge.

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Medal Card for Joseph Park reads:

1st/1st High FA Bde, 447, Battery Quarter Master Serjeant

Royal Field Artillery, 7117, Quarter Master Serjeant

Royal Field Artillery, 636463, Serjeant Major

Royal Field Artillery, Second Lieutenant

Not all of these details given on NA site - http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=4701123

Could James Morrison have also become an officer?

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  • 2 years later...

I have recently found a newspaper article from 24th October 1918 where James's wife was injured in an accident, this states that James was still a Sargeant in the RFA.


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It looks like he was transferred to 4A Reserve Brigade, Woolwich, on September 18, 1916 for drafting overseas and given Regular number 170226.

This, unfortunately, does not tell us when and where he served. On demobilization and a move to Class Z Reserve he was given the TF number 632208.

He re-enlisted in the RFA (Territorial Army) on July 4, 1921 and was given number 741562, but joined the Royal Engineers as a Regular shortly afterwards.

The good news is that his full service record is likely to have been retained by the MOD for which you can apply.

Information gathered from Royal Artillery Attestations on Findmypast under number 741562, followed by looking up Medal Card of 632208 as this number also given.

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many thanks for the excellant information, i shall go an subscribe to find my past and have a look. This also may explain why i can find no record of him dying in Scotland, he may have settled elsewhere on leaving the Royal Engineers.

many thanks again


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