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Remembered Today:

No. 4 E. S. D. P. Stores, Park Camp, Ely


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Can anybody explain what the above abbreviation means?

It appears on a postcard, probably sent to the camp in 1917. I would hazard a guess along the lines of Eastern Sector or Electrical Services Deployment or Disposal Park; but could be barking up the wrong tree.

Many thanks,


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Hello bootneck

E S usually refers to Engineer(ing) Stores in Army parlance. I don't know of any cases where the Army used the term "Sector" during WWI, except possibly in relation to AA areas of responsibility. "Engineer Stores Distribution Park" looks plausible, despite the obviou repetition of "Stores" after it. Perhaps "Engineer Services ..."?


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Thank you for the information. much appreciated.

When I mentioned the possible RFC connection to the person who had orginally asked me what the abbreviation meant, they contacted their cousin who has the postcard and it appears that they also have an RFC badge.



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