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Unknown badge

glenda hewitt

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I think this is a shoulder flash.

I do not know what regiment it is.

It is about one and a half inches square.

Black background, red anchor centre with what looks like a rope entwined.

and the letter A on each side of the anchor.

I could not put on as attachment as it was too big.

have tried to put a photobucket link on but not sure if it will work

Any help appreciated.



Glenda Hewitt

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Hello Glenda,

It seems to be the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Anit Aircraft

see link below :-


Regards BillyH

There was originally a Dover RNVR Anti Aircraft Corps and a London RNVR Anti Aircraft Corps providing defence against German raiders, later used more widely and on ships. However I thought they wore naval (ie blue) uniforms http://www.herberthistory.co.uk/userdata/prodpics/PRODPIC-226-2.jpg Is your badge on the original backing?

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Indeed. Maritime Regiments Royal Artillery. Two types. Worsted embroidered wool, or silk embroidered (as this is). WW2 and therefore, sadly, off-topic.

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Thanks everyone who replied to this. Information much appreciated replies very helpful.

Now at least I know how he served and might be able to find out more about him.


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