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help needed please rdc

andy 1

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hello friends

can anybody find any info on this soldier please.

george edwin fleshbourne 4744 l/cpl r d c.lived in grimsby

please don't confuse him with his son george edwin fleshbourne 6563 lincolnshire regiment.

any info greatly appreciated



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this is a very low RDC number.

I think it is very likely that this man was serving in one of the Supernumerary Companies of the Territorial Force when these were formed into the RDC on 29 Apr 16. Given his home it is possible that this was a Sup Coy of the 5th Lincs (I think these covered Grimsby).

The Sup Coys were responsible for the guarding of railways and 'vulnerable points' against sabotage. They were generally older guys, often (but not always) with some previous military service.

I note the only 2 Fleshbournes in the MICs are both Lincs and the only Fleshbournes in the 1901 census live in Grimsby. It seems a very localised name.

Sticking my neck out, I suggest this man might be the George Fleshbourne described in the census as being a 38 year old Blacksmith born in 'Scotland Glanmorgan' - I don't think there is anywhere in Scotland called Glanmorgan, this is presumably another example of the transcription problems with the 1901 census. 'Glenmorangie' springs to mind as a possible. To find out for sure you would have to pay to look at the original census page.

If he was 38 in 1901 that makes him 51 in 1914 - right age for Sup Coy/RDC.

No MIC, of course. RDC service papers survive at Kew in the same way as others. Other place to look might be local papers.

A few leaps of faith in the above - hope it helps.


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And there's more ...

George Edwin Fleshbourne, born 30 Jul 1862 at Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire.

Son of Edwin Fleshbourne, Porter (presumably at the college - actually a public school) and Elizabeth Fleshbourne (nee Laker/Laken ?). They were married at Louth, Lincs on 6 Oct 1861 - actually at somewhere like Legburn or Leyburn, the writing is difficult.

The name on the birth cert is actually Fleshborn.

Send me an e-mail and I'll send you an image of the birth cert.


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