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Remembered Today:

Capt. Hugo Throssell VC


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As I have read through Chris Baker's thread on the trashing of War Diaries, I am reminded of Sandra's lastest endeavour.

We visited the Rotunda Memorial for Capt. Hugo Throssell, 10th Light Horse, on the weekend of the book launch and our mini Forum reunion. The memorial is just down the road from us, and to my shame I had no idea, it is on the main road and I thought it was part of the huge house above it!

Sandra, Jeff, and Andrew were most upset at the graffiti, particularly the scribbling on the plaque, and Sandra determined immediately to alert whoever needed to be alerted. By the way, she is the one who regularly visits his grave, it is a rather lonely one, although in the middle of the Cemetery.

2 weeks later, she has had a reply to the effect that a work order has been put in place to clean the vandalism from the Throssell VC rotunda :)

Chris and I will need to visit from time to time, to make sure it stays that way.



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  • 2 years later...

Yes well done , I visited the rotunda today and also had a quick look around Hugo's home .

I am ex 10th LH servicing member with great interest .

Anyone requiring photos please email me peregrine@westnet.com.au

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If you have a facebook account there is one for Gallipoli Hero Hugo Throssell also A Sqd have one.

Bright Blessings


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