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Which Foot Guards Regt is known as the Lilywhites

iain mchenry

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Fellow Forumites,

Greetings from the cold wastes of Kosovo. Yesterday a friend came up to me, knowing of my Mil history interest, and asked me, which foot guards regt is known as the Lily-whites and why? I was nearly sure that it was the Coldstreams but not sure as to the reason why. Could any forum members help me on this quest. A crate of beer is at stake for my friend here if he gets the info!! and I will be the glad recipient of a couple of cans!! Does this nickname stem from WW1 or further past in the Regiments history?

Many thanks

Iain McHenry

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Coldstreams, East Lancashire Regiment, also because of the colour of their facings and, a bit further back, the 13th Light Dragoons.

Terry Reeves

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