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Definition of Medical Term

Guest Ian Bowbrick

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Guest Ian Bowbrick


Came across the following acronym on a soldiers personal record yesterday, which I don't know: 'ICT left ankle'.

This was enough to get the man 4 weeks in hospital!

If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.


Ian :)

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I am pretty sure I remember this from somewhere in the dim past.

It means "Inflamed Connective Tissue" I think - a muscle or ligament strain, in other words.


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'ICT' seems to have affected more of the Army than 'GSW' ! Inflammation [or inflamed] of Connective Tissue, strictly speaking should be applied to bits of the body that HAVE connective tissue, although it was a convenient term to use for other things. It mainly affected the tissues of the feet - not the muscles or joints, but the 'grisly bits' that join it all together - and today would be better known as 'plantar fasciitis'. The main cause is over use, or too much walking/activity - a common complaint for obvious reasons, and the only treatment was a prolonged period of rest. Not easily diagnosed in any way other than by soldier's history - surprising that even more men didn't suffer from it!

Regards - Sue

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