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Looking for ALAN H


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Wondering if any one can help. I have been looking for information regarding a ww1 soilder Herbert Simpson who died in France in 1918.

I have found as much as I think I will be able to and I have found is grave in France and have been there to pay my respects. Now you may think that my quest is complet, but the other week while looking through this forum I came across a posting from three years ago from another member looking for the same soilder.

Herbert is my great uncle and I would love to know about his family and to fill in a few blanks on my family tree.

As any one any idea how I can get in touch with this member or does any one know him , his forum ID is ALAN H .I am new to these forums and I have no idea how I might go about finding this member.

Regards Gordon Simpson

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Welcome to the forum. A door opens when you have made five posts and you will then be able to send and receive personal messages. Thank me for this information and you have only one hopefully relevant post to make.


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