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L12531 - 6518 Richard Parrish, Royal Fusiliers.

My great uncle L12531 Richard Parrish, 4th Btn, Royal Fusilers was Killed in Action 16 June 1915. I have unsuccessfully tried for many years to find out more about his service career. However, fortunatley last week I found 4 pages of documents from WO96, which shows that he enlisted into the militia - 5th Btn, Royal Fusilers on the 11 Jan 1907, his service number is given as 6518, which is different to his Regular number.

His records states, that he enlisted on 11 Jan 1907, then between 15 Jan - 28 Feb 1907 he recieved 46 days drill on enlistment, then on the 1 March 1907 all is written is "To the Royal Fusiliers". I has previous advised by a member of this forum that L12531 would have been a regular soldier who would have enlisted between 18th February 1907 and 7th March 1907, so spot on there.

My question is that would Richard have transferred to the regulars on the 1st March 1907 and changed his number, or would he have changed his number after his basic training but stayed in the militia?

Any help or advice appreciated.



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No, he wouldn't have stayed with the militia once he became L/12531. He was then a regular career soldier who probably enlisted for seven years with the colours and five on the reserve. The RF militia battalions each had separate number series from the regular battalions of the RF.

There are three surviving service records in WO97 for RF men with numbers beginning L/1253* and all joined on the 7th March 1907; each of these three men being serving members with the 5th Militia Battalion.


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Many thanks for the info, much appreciated

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