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Artillery Fuzes


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Good to know the days of picking up a bargain at the local flea market are not over....two for a tenner !


Type 80 IV fuze manufactured October 1917 Elswick Ordnance Company


Type 102 III fuze manufacured February 1917 Vickers Sons and Maxim

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I wonder how many of these were brought back as souvenirs after the war and how many are still in family attics.

Old Tom

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The battlefields would all have been littered with intact No. 80 fuzes, as they were not damaged by the shrapnel shell bursting. Does anybody know what happened to HE fuzes like this No. 102 on detonation ? Were they destroyed, damaged or ejected relatively intact ?

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Judging by the amount of them on eBay I would say the HE fuzes must have stayed more or less intact for the most part. I have a No.101 MkII where the threaded base has mushroomed from force of the explosion, but other than some gouges the upper part is intact.

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