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A helpful Australian website for finding some Anzac birthplaces and en


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Perhaps this site http://mappingouranzacs.naa.gov.au/ may assist people researching Anzac veterans.

On its map of the world you can highlight the area you are interested in, such as New South Wales or perhaps England, and then if you click on the town nearest your area of interest that has a small flag on it, a list of regional towns is then displayed.

If you then select the town you are interested in, the website will then display its WW1 Anzacs that were born in that town or a list of the known Anzacs that enlisted from that town, depending on which alternative you ask it to display.

I think this site is based on the Australian National Archives WW1 records, so obviously any mistakes on these original records, will perhaps give a false result in some searches, so this information will obviously have to be cross-checked against actual records and other sources, but it should be a helpful tool in assisting the researching some WW1 Anzac veterans.

It also has other information on this website that may interest some people.

Regards, Sandra

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Thanks for the reply Bob.

You have probably already discovered that once you find perhaps the town you are interested in and then the veteran, this site is linked to the National Archives (of Australia), so if you then click on the veteran's name, it should then transfer you to that person's individual service records, which are held by the National Archives (of Australia).

The National Archives (of Australia) is a free online resource if you'd like to search Australian veteran WW1 records.

(The National Archives of Australia also has some Australian Boer War, WW2 etc service records that it has also placed online).

I hope you and any other researchers using these resources find more information about the veterans you are interested in by using some of these resources.

Regards, Sandra

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