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Capt W A Forsyth,MID, RFC & 79 Sqn RAF

patrick anderson

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Captain W A Forsyth MID , of 56 th Bge RFA & 79 Sqn RAF flew out of Armentieres at 0745 on 27 June 1918 on Offensive Patrol in SOPWITH DOLPHIN No C 3806 and was missing in action at 0830 that date . POW - D of W that date

Capt W A Forsyth MID was aged 23 years and the son of John & Mrs Forsyth of 8 Panmure Place , MONTROSE , FORFARSHIRE (now Angus ) SCOTLAND .

He is buried in a CWGC at Motor Car Corner Cemetery Belgium .

I see that 79th Sqn RAF was stationed at STE MARIE CAPPEL from 16th May 1918 and the Sqn next moved to Reckem airfield on 22 October 1918 so Capt Forsyth must have been at Ste Marie Cappel on his fatal day of 27 June 1918.

( my namesake uncle Lt P W Anderson, Black Watch and 18 Sqn RFC /RAF was seriously wounded in action on the same date . wonder if he knew Capt Forsyth as Montrose and Arbroath are not far from each other )

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Capt William Allan FORSYTH,MID, is listed on the MONTROSE WAR MEMORIAL in Montrose Angus Scotland . He is listed as W A Forsyth Capt .

He is also listed on the MONTROSE ACADEMY WAR MEMORIAL at Montrose . He is listed as William A Forsyth on that war memorial .

I could not find him listed in any of the Churches in Montrose on the Scottish War memorials project website .

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Capt WA Forsyth MID is listed on the Scottish National War Memorial at the Castle , Edinburgh .

He is listed twice once as a Captain in the Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery and also listed as a Captain in the Royal Air Force with a dead date of 27 June 1918

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Hi Patrick,

burial stone Captain FORSYTH




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Thank you Cnock for Captain W A Forsyth's headstone in Belgium .

As I said he is listed on the Town of MONTROSE in Forfarshire (now Angus ) Scotland war memorial and on the MONTROSE ACADEMY War memorial for that school . See the website Scottish War Memorials Project ( under Dundee & Angus for these two war memorials photos etc )

pat w anderson

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