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E-tool helve differences

Tim P

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what distinguishes a ww1 E tool helve from a ww2 one? I have a ww2 one and before I start sourcing a ww1 example to fit into my newly acquired 08 webbing, how different are they?

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Hi Tim,

I hoping my post will be improved on by the more informed (!), but WW2 helves tend to have a metal fitting at the hand-end on which could be fitted a No 4 Spike bayonet; maybe either as a landmine probing device or as a last-resort weapon.

Earlier ones (ie. before the introduction of the No4 Lee Enfield) wouldn't have this.

I've got a couple of the plain-ended ones; the noticeably thicker one has been stamped with a 1915 date but I was a bit doubtful about that date from the start as the date seemed a bit too clear and came from a lot of similarly dated. Bit synical maybe?

The more slender one looks more the part. So I'd say, "no metal attachment and not so fat... probably Great War vintage."



What sort of 08 kit have you got? Love to see some pics

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I would go along with Paul's thoughts, but would like to know for sure. It could be the slender / chunky helves are manufactures variations, but my hunch is the slender ones are older. Regards, Paul.

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So quite noticeable really?

The heads look identical I have to say. And once in the carrier not a problem.....

Paul my 08 kit is from Mr Kiddle but has yet to arrive as it was posted 2 hours ago....

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