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HMS Bacchante


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Can anyone give me an idea of, or where to find the types and lengths of the ship's boats, including the steam boats carried by HMS Bacchante at the time of the Anzac Landings. I have tried to find this information, including plans for this class of ship without any success. Indications are that her contribution to the landing was 2 X steam pinnaces, a 1 X sailing pinnace, 1 X sailing launch, 2 X sailing cutters and 2 X smaller craft, possibly whalers or gigs.


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Whaler (oars or sail)- 27 feet; Cutter (oars or sail) - 32 feet; launch (sail, some with engines) - 42 feet; steam picket boat - 56 feet.

The CRESSY Class were armoured cruisers, not battlecruisers.

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