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fight at Orsmaal 10/08/1914


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On this day in 1914 there was an encounter at Orsmaal Gussenhoven between the Belgian 3e Lanciers and part of the 2nd German cavalry division. About 7 platoons (consisting in theory of 1 officer, 2 nco and 30 men each) of the Belgian regiment were covering the bridges on the 'Kleine Gete'. Around 12.30 the German 8th cavalry brigade appeared. Armed only with their carabines the Belgian soldiers held the kürassier-regiment von Seydlitz (4 Magdeburgisches) nr.7 and Thüringesches Husaren-Regiment nr.12, supported by artillery and machine guns until 3 o'clock. At the approach of a second brigade the Belgian unit withdrew. Losses were around 51 men (killed and wounded) on the Belgian side and around 30 on the German side.

Unfortunately a numbers of civilians were killed after the fight

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