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Remembered Today:

LEDWIGE Francis (Frank)

James Blonde

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My step-daughter Maria just came back from a holiday in Ireland,

she bought me a copy of the August 1 2011 Edition of the IRISH TIMES

and I spotted the following in the FAMILY NOTICES, IN MEMORIAM section.

"LEDWIDGE, Francis (Frank) (Poet and Soldier) -

who died on July 31, 1917 in Boesinge, France.

Then in the lull of

midnight, gentle arms

Lifted him slowly down

the slopes of death

Least he should hear again

the mad alarms of battle,

dying moans and fearful breath

Requiescat in pace.

Anybody know anything about the gentleman in question?

Connaught Stranger.

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Hallo headgardner, :D

Many thanks for the wiki link, seems he was a very interesting person,

I should have tried a web search first I seldom use Wiki as its susceptible to "contamination".

However its great to see somebody still takes the time to remember him in the Irish Times.

Connaught Stranger.

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He had been at Suvla, on Gallipoli, and wrote (8March1916) to Lord Dunsany

"By the way, I have great respect for the Turks. They fought us a clean fight, and we must admit they are brave soldiers. In my admiration for them I have read the Koran."

from 'The Lost Voices of World War I' edited by Tim Cross, Bloomsbury 1988 ISBN 0 7475 4276 7

which has a page and a half biography of him as well as nine of his poems; I recommend it



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