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Unusual death?


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Have found the following to a chap who died with HMS Euryalus, 3rd July 1916:

"Killed or died by means other than disease, accident or enemy action"

I can't think what this could mean, apart from suicide or murder. Any suggestions? (He's buried in Colombo, Sri Lanka).

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In the context of the Navy, possibly not. Accident would mean shell handling, mechanical disaster, etc. In heavy seas, going overboard wouldn't be considered an accident, rather a hazard of employment. Antony

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On 05/08/2011 at 07:02, aglastonbury said:

But surly that is accidental?

Indeed, some drownings count as accidental death. I am not clear where these strange descriptors are being found but they bear little relationship to the full, official Admiralty descriptors. I have a feeling that they are rather poor abbreviations of the offical categories - where are they being found? Ancestry.co.uk? The official Admiralty causes of death, in their full form, are to be found at Post #6 in the following thread:-



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