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Royals Scots Cap Badge


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Hi All,

Just a brief one - could anyone sort me out with a picture of the glengarry/cap badge worn by the Royal Scots during the Great War. A clear photo of one being worn in a period photo would be grand or just a picture of the badge itself.

As British Cap Badge designs are a bit of a minefield when it comes to trying to identify WW1 examples (I think we all know that sinking feeling when we discover a badge is infact the type worn 1920 -1958!) do you think that it would be possible to start up a dedicated reference page on the forum to help one another? I would gladly upload my meagre collection of badges if I thought they might be of some use to people. Or does such an animal exist already?

Best wishes to all,


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A good starting point for you is John Duncan's web-site-Newbattle at War.(You may to register but it is a trusted web-site)

In the photo gallery sections you will find WW1 period photographs of The Royal Scots Cap Badge,in service.


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